Angelieke Van der Lek

Power pylon

Material: Acrylic paint on canvas
Size: 75 x 115 cm

This painting was made after a personal experience. Our children's fear has been overcome, and then we could enjoy ourselves again. Dit schilderij van een elektriciteitsmast is gemaakt na een persoonlijke ervaring. De angst van onze kinderen is overwonnen, en toen konden we weer genieten. (12-11-21)
Angelieke van der Lek lives in Barendrecht and has had painting lessons since 2004, as a little girl she always liked to draw. In recent years she has developed well and noticed that her strength lies in the straight lines. She always draws and paints this without a ruler or tools (only an occasional starting line for perspective) she finds this fun and challenging. Her creativity faded into oblivion due to the speed of life, she even had seen a museum in which Van Gogh and Mondriaan exhibited in 5 minutes; “her little nephew could also do that” she said. Later she found out that making straight lines is not that simple at all. Suddenly, when she did a course, she saw the effort, time and trial and error that an artist had to undergo to create a beautiful painting. She did a watercolor course, and after 1,5 years she found out that she makes the lines too strong. Acrylic paint was a better material and she could experiment with this further. The first time, as a left-hander, she thought charcoal was terrible because it made you dirty; but in combination with acrylic paint an ideal match. Later she tried soft-pastels and she switched from one to the other, and discovered that you could do mixed media. Because of the corona the course has stopped, but she is not stuck in her development. She is co-owner of a FB group (+4000 artists), and she still paints at home.

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