Uwe Schigowski

Glass with Fruit

Material: Oil Glaze on Canvas
Size: 80 x 140 cm

This impressive painting was created in 3 months and numerous layers of glaze.
2010 - 2014 Studies in painting and graphic design at IBKK - Bochum 2014 Graduate of the master class Prof. Dr. Phil. Qi Yang "There is something infinite in painting". Colours harbour hidden things of harmony and contrast, things that are intrinsicallyffective and that cannot be expressed through any other medium. Vincent van Gogh's philosophical observation is reflected in Uwe Schigowski's paintings in a remarkable way. In terms of themes , imaginary,almost surreal motifs full of energetic luminosity and remarkable intensity are created in his abstract and informal works. Thanks to his elaborate multi-layer oil glazing technique, which he also uses in his new style, hyperrealism, he achieves impressive depths of color and contrast. In his industrial motifs from the steel industry and mining, he conveys a symbiosis between realism and abstraction full of dynamism and liveliness. 2016 - The path to hyperrealism Regardless of modern painting, he has always been fascinated by the impressive realistic works of the old, especially Dutch, masters. Painters such as Willem Kalf, Adriaen van Utrecht, Pieter Claesz, Jan Davidsz de Heem and many more. made a deep and lasting impression on him with her fantastic work. As part of his exhibition in New York 2016, where he was confronted with the work of representatives of Pop Art and American hyperrealism (including Charles Bell, Richard Estes, Mel Ramos, etc.), he manifested his decision to finally turn to hyperrealism. The painting of large modern still lifes of everyday objects, such as glass marbles, reflecting glasses or other objects, is one of his trademarks. He not only wants to document reality, but to reinforce and exaggerate it by enlarging everyday objects in extreme proportions, in order to elaborate them layer by layer in months of work with numerous glazes, in order to get to the core of his motif. "My pictures," he says, "should enable the viewer to experience reality anew, to rediscover the essence of the everyday object. I want to reduce my work to its universal structures in all their beauty." Uwe Schigowski takes up the Dutch tradition of still life from the 17th century, but implements it in an idiosyncratic, contemporary and modern way. He paints his still lifes on large canvas formats so that the viewer is literally drawn into the painting to look at the work in minute detail. He lives and works in Fröndenberg/Germany (NRW). Dr. Tobias Schmitz, Art Historian


Votes: 7

Number of rounds

  • Jury from 29-09-2020 15:21 till 01-11-2020 15:22

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