Laura Cid Sagarra



Material: Oil on canvas covered by pieces of newsprint
Size: 80 x 80 cm

Covid haunts the globality of the planet, but in some corners of Africa it is not the only problem: hunger, is another of its historical epidemics that has motivated repeated migration dramas in the Mediterranean Sea.
Laura Cid Sagarra (Lleida, 1972). Physician and ergonomist by profession. My creative restlessness resurfaced after the illustration of educational stories for my children. With experimental avidity and self-taught until 2016, when I started training in fine arts and discovered different aesthetic languages. I have predilection for children’s portrait as well as abstract, material and textured works. I perceive art as a free form of expression and transmission of feelings: I speak of my dreams and daily life through it, whether through drawing, painting, sculpture or photography, generating a breath of fresh air that connect my beat emotions with all what surrounds me.



  • Stemronde 1 from 01-06-2020 17:00 till 01-06-2020 17:00

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