Lisbeth Lunda

Electrified Love

Material: Acrylic and goldleaf on canvas - lyrics by Kasper Eistrup
Size: 120 x 160 cm

The sun is breaking out the buds slicing every cloud. She’s in the cherry blossom snow taking showers. The whole city’s fragrant with belief. It’s a hard and rude life. And her saliva’s on my sleeve. Today is mine. She falls into place as. The boxes in tetris. I run out of phrases. And into the shock. Of electrified love.
The International artist Lisbeth Lunda has in 2021 launched her project See-Soul-Sound created in collaboration with Kasper Eistrup, the frontman of the Danish alternative rock band Kashmir. Even though the every paintings' titles correspond to the names a Kashmir song, they are in no way illustrative - they are separate entities that can be appreciated independently on their own. However, when sound, poetry and image come together, they form a powerful symbiosis. Lunda’s new series of paintings have their own backstories, rooted in her own childhood and life experiences. There is less introspection in these new compositions (unlike in her previous works), their characters fully engage with the viewer and relate their stories. This time, it is more about the dialogue and connection. “In a way, I feel like a narrator, not only a painter. Each artwork represents a certain reality, it tells a story, and I feel more like a story-teller, who brings hidden narratives to life”. -Lisbeth Lunda Among her influences, Lunda lists the art of the Middle Ages and early Italian Renaissance, early Modernist art of the 20th century. However, she also admitted drawing inspiration from the absurdist surrealist and grotesque works by the Danish artist Michael Kvium.


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  • Jury ronde from 30-09-2021 00:00 till 31-10-2021 23:00

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