Bruno Roberto Greco


Material: Oil on canvas of fine cotton.
Size: 60 x 60 cm

A mother expresses all her love for her son in a tender embrace.
Bruno Greco was born in Varese (Italy) in 1951 and from his childhood distinguished himself at first for the natural endowments in freehand drawing and then in painting. He took a degree in Engineering, but never forgot his passion , showed in the juvenile works(1969-1977).?He devoted many years to family and industrial work, then he started again with enthusiasm the artistic activity with several collective and one-man shows in all Italy, Europe and in the world (Montecarlo, Londra, Parigi, Hangzhou, New York, Atene, Brugges, Barcellona, San Josè, Locarno, Bruxelles, Berlin, Stuttgart, Hong Kong, Moscow, Saint Peterburg, Miami), introduced by important criticians. A figurative and landscape painter in oil on canvas technique ( with sign “B. Greco), where he represents the "poetry of the image", he has also begun since 2007 to realize works in acrylic ( with sign “brown777 B-G.) inspired by the "emotion of being", with a personal interpretation of color. He has been present on several International Art Directories and appears on various international websites. He has received several awards and has been published in numerous international magazines. He lives in Casciago (VA) with a private atelier in Varese – Italy.



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