Berardino Rubini


Material: Oil on canvas - 2020
Size: 70 x 120 cm

The figure seems to want to free himself from a fragmented world that envelops and oppresses him, at the same time she is peacefully part of it.
Born in Terlizzi, a small town in the province of Bari, I approached drawing very early. I attend and obtain the diploma at the Liceo Artistico “G. De Nittis "in Bari where I make my first real contacts with the world of art by winning the 1st prize in the exhibition at the end of school. In 1998 I enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice but my inner turbulence and the inability to create a strong relationship with the teachers pushed me to abandon the study in the third year. In the meantime and in the following years I paint portraits, still lifes and author copies of the masters of the past on commission, refining the oil painting technique. I exhibit on several occasions. I soon approached contemporary art, its representatives, material painting, and my turbulence found an outlet in the expressionist gesture, in the Impressionist chromatic decomposition and in Freudian philosophy. - In 2014, the trade magazine "HESTETIKA" interviewed me with 2 pages. - In 2020 I am interviewed by Exibart as part of the Exibart Price 2020 competition of which I am a finalist. - In 2020 I enter the Singulart international online gallery with my works. - in 2020 I am selected as a finalist of the "Malamegi Lab16 Art Prize" international art prize - In 2020 I am interviewed by the Dutch / Belgian magazine "Kunstenaar Magazine" and my work "FRAGMENTATION # 3" is the cover of the same publication, 120 of 21/08/2020 Today I am a musician and painter, I work regularly in my studio in Verona in the continuous search for the defect. I look at autochthonous and world art with interest and in an analytical way, daily enriching my pictorial language.


Votes: 48

Number of rounds

  • Jury from 29-09-2020 15:21 till 01-11-2020 15:22

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