Anton Petrov

Pluto in scorpion at 9th house

Pluto in scorpion at 9th house

Material: Oil paint on canvas
Size: 90 x 90 cm

The planet of changes and spiritual teacher Pluto, in the 9th house gives birth to revolutionary figures who destroy dogma in the minds of people. Pluto, in this position, strengthens the views and opinions of the individual, his beliefs and worldview, and, at the same time, strengthens intellectual and spiritual abilities. It gives a craving for knowledge, industriousness, great working capacity, but also idealism, deep piety, intuition and a gift of foreboding. People with such Pluto are trying to go beyond the world in which they exist. The individual learns from experience the significance of life at its basic level. He has a very deep insight, most of which comes from his personal experience. Constantly living on the verge of self-destruction, he continues to discard everything that he achieves, due to the lack of a deep meaning. He ultimately sees this absence in almost everything. He believes that behind what he can perceive at any moment, there is a reality about the existence of which he knows. The construction of his essence takes place deep in his subconscious, and the fleeting charms of life do not in the least satisfy him. He always feels the inner cosmic reality, which does not cease to attract him to its center. Of all the positions in the zodiac, this is the only one where the individual’s consciousness is least of all connected with his physical body. He is constantly attracted to the world of thinking, and a significant part of his thoughts has less in common with his own life than with the universe, which he subconsciously explores at any given moment. This is one of the rare people in the zodiac who really knows that a person is not what he thinks.



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Number of rounds

  • Jury from 29-09-2020 15:21 till 01-11-2020 15:22

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