Julanne Barry

Bleeding Heart

Material: Oil Paint and metallic medium on canvas
Size: 80 x 100 cm

This work is a commentary on the vast hypocrisy of the religious patriarchy and its influence on women in contemporary society. This commentary is expressed through the beatified 'divine' feminine: I have used very traditional techniques to render a modern concern as a counter-religious iconograph.
Julanne is a deeply spiritual person with a cluttered and kaleidoscopic background of religion, socialism and toxic family history. Her art explores many themes of female self-expression as well as reverence for the natural world. Her mind is ever-curious, ever delighted by observations and inspirations around her. Her background in fine art and woven textile design leads her to experiment freely with media - textures and surfaces excite her as much as colours and lines. In creating, Julanne's objective is always to capture her own journey in the hope that someone may find solidarity and comfort in sharing it. Julanne's artistic expression has many sources of inspiration, the most powerful of these are her wonder at the natural world around her - which she tries to capture in detail by working often at a large scale. This natural inspiration is balanced by a historical cultural bias - her Roman Catholic upbringing has ingrained a huge variety of religious iconography into her consciousness, which is often reinterpreted in her work. Finally, her work often expresses a feminist drive that is a core belief throughout her life. Julanne is most comfortable working with traditional artistic media of paints, inks and graphite/charcoal, but also experiments with textural additions and has a technical background in woven textiles - which sometimes manifests in her work.




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