Felix Zilinskas


Material: Acrylics on canvas
Size: 200 x 120 cm

This isn't the first time that the image of Cassiopeia has been used to represent the human ego and pride. However, from my point of view as an artist, I feel that our societies have become increasingly superficial. I believe that the representation of beauty is a way of commercializing and dominating humanity, and has made us dependent on a certain standard of living, even prisoners to it, as it is dictated to us how we our happiness should manifest and how we should live every day and every minute. In this piece, through my own artistic style, I wanted to modernise this metaphor and incorporate what I call "clues" into the painting, which allow for a more global vision. As a result, we find ego represented here by a smart-phone instead of the mirror, a small house that represents the false vision of the world which we so often create on social media, through to the representation of human fragility via the bone, and the exploitation and commercialization of sex, challenging the absurdity of "pixelation" with an almost radioactive nipple faced with the almost invisible, but essential, tree of life and a new dawn which, fortunately, lives on within each of us.

You don't choose art, art chooses you. Art is a personal necessity, something made from the primitive essence of a being seeking connection with a higher power, thus transcending its own reality. When you understand this, you understand that you, as an artist, are nothing more than a key capable of opening some of the doors with which people can identify. You understand that your personal experiences no longer belong to you, they are now amalgamated tools for the creation of your own language. In addition to painting, which has been a part of my life since my first childhood memories watching my grandfather and father paint, music, which has enriched my life both as the audience and as a performer, and the ability to tell stories, which my work in advertising has taught me, have come together to show that what started as a mistake, like rebellious lines which intertwine repeatedly without any apparent meaning, ends up transforming itself into a moment in history which you, as a spectator, can now complete. Felix Zilinskas, born in Caracas, Venezuela on 8 February 1974. Studied fine arts at the Cristóbal Rojas school. Worked an art director and creative director for several advertising agencies, while maintaining a parallel career in the world of arts. Over the years, he has taken part in several collective and individual exhibitions in Venezuela, the United States, the UK, the Netherlands and Spain, finally deciding to move to Barcelona, Spain in 2011, where he currently resides.


  • Publiek from 01-10-2020 23:33 till 30-11-2020 23:34
  • Jury from 29-09-2020 15:21 till 01-11-2020 15:22

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