Mikaela Mia Papp



Material: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 160 x 160 cm

A society fed by mass media blindly following everything that' been told without thinking and checking for the truth - manipulated accepting all that's been told. Minimalistic design is hiding messages in painting, but forces you to move to discover them - same like searching for the truth requires.

Mikaela Mia Papp was born in 1988 in capital city of Slovakia, “little big city” called Bratislava. As a post-communist country in the beginning of finding its own character, the country was full of bizarre and unique experiments trying to build up everything from the beginning. She never really lived it through (she was born in 1988, but the communism ended one year later), but was strongly influenced by the visuals of the dying era that still lived through the ‘90. Since childhood she spent her days browsing family books just for pictures and photographs remembering every single cover they owned. She was fascinated by the design and the possibilities with the simplest use of basic colors and fonts combined with the discovery of graffiti and street art which had a huge impact on her thinking about letters, colors and textures behind the paint. As a child without any artistic background she studied grammar school in Bratislava where she used to visit drawing lessons of academic painter So?a Herényiová-Belanová through her whole studies, but later decided to follow the “normal” and joined the family business in health service. Later, in 2009, she started her social work studies on St. Elizabeth University of Health Care and Social Work in Bratislava, which she finished with bachelor’s degree in 2012, continuing into master’s study until 2015, but never finished. Instead she followed the calling and started her studies on Academy of fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia. She is currently a student of 2nd year of her master’s studies, finishing studies of painting in 4th studio of Professor Ivan Csudai. Her studies began in 2014, later, in 2018, she achieved her bachelor’s degree, continuing to her master’s study still on painting department. In 2018 she began to join Supplementary pedagogical study on the same school. In her paintings you can see clearly her love for the streets and the city. First experimenting with spray paint applied on liquids led her to words and short messages, but never really felt the technic is right, until finding herself in geometric and color field painting. In a country without any history in geometric painting is this quite courageous act and sometimes hard, but she decided to continue and find her way through. Her art transformed from geometric scenes of Bratislava to more material-oriented paintings where you can notice her interest in design and street art movements combined with the love for minimalism and pop-art. Using basic CMYK pallet combined with rust, varnish and phosphor paintings represents the feeling of the city and offers her to hide different messages in paintings, but there is need for movement to discover the different layers and messages. There are two directions in her work – one with an accent in color and material questioning the essence of painting and commenting its role in society, the second is more oriented to the city and text, but still using the same principles and methods of work. Love for the city - the emphasis is not in the real image, it is a kind of homage to the city, the search for feeling through its colors and the texture of the surfaces, even in the neglected – she sees the soul of the city and a strong visual appeal in the scuffed surfaces and rust that tells its (hi)story, before it falls into oblivion and is replaced and forgotten. But the city also is full of posters, advertisements, neon lights shining into the night, layered piles of paper on the walls, graffiti and tags as anonymous reminders of people living in the scenes of concrete.


  • Publiek from 01-10-2020 23:33 till 30-11-2020 23:34
  • Jury from 29-09-2020 15:21 till 01-11-2020 15:22

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