Jacqueline Vervat

Giant robin Suus

Material: Olieverf op louvre doek
Size: 120 x 60 cm

Roodborstje sierlijk en klein. Kan zomaar super groot zijn. Pluizige veertjes bollen op in de wind. Wees jezelf en voel je bemind. Je mag zijn wie je bent blij of boos. Denk aan de weg die je koos. De juiste weg of een afslag gemist. Kijk naar het roodborstje en je geheugen is weer opgefrist. Geniet van alle kleine en grote momenten in het leven. Het kan zo voorbij zijn wat je is gegeven. Dank aan S.Armaghan Lutz haar foto gebruikt als referentie.
Jacqueline is creatively versatile with enough inspiration to fill her life. She is an autodidact amateur painter since 1997. In her studio at home she makes mostly oil paintings but also art for on the couch in the form of pillows, decorative mood lights and stuffed animals. She loves to express joy and happiness through the use of colors, showing in her bright and playful art. Her muse is the robin, this little bird gave her inspiration and strength in lesser times. Her first exposition in 2017, Project Robin, was a dream come true. The following years, she could realize more and more expositions, up to three times a year, bringing her to many different places. This gave her a boost of energy and newfound inspiration to make new and bigger work. She likes to make people happy and wants to bring a smile to your face with her art.



  • Stemronde 1 from 01-06-2020 17:00 till 01-06-2020 17:00

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