Zoe Walker

A journey of uncertainty

A journey of uncertainty

Material: Acrylic and spray paint
Size: 40cm x 35cm cm

This painting represents an emotional journey about COVID-19. The colour black in the painting represents the pain and darkness experienced by many people throughout this pandemic. As the black seeps into the colour it represents uncertainty and confusion with more colours combining. The smooth surface in contrast to the heavily textured surface is there to represent the serene, calm, ‘normal’ life that many of us desire. The many ends of the texture in the painting represent the future of this virus and the impact on the world. So at this moment in time any of those pathways could be taken and no one is certain of the outcome. The depth and layers of the texture depict my experience working in the NHS. I was redeployed from working in admin for a community service to working in a community hospital ward. The reason I have chosen to represent my redeployment with multiple colours and layers is because every experience/job is not as it seems on the outside, there is always much more to it, including personalities, knowledge and experience. I will never forget this moment in time and creating this painting whilst on this journey will always be a powerful reminder.


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Number of rounds

  • Jury from 29-09-2020 15:21 till 01-11-2020 15:22

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