Radegonda Bröde



Material: Clay-slib, yellow, red and black iron-oxide on cotton
Size: 145 x 145 cm

When we travel we make beautiful memories. But this only will be remembered as fragments. Like our whole life is a memory of fragments. This is a fragment from Spain, May 2021.
Artist Statement Radegonda Bröde As an artist I create art that shows a reflection of the beauty of imperfection in nature. I like to show people that perfection does not exist and want to show them how beautiful imperfection and ephemerality is. I also work hard on making objects from clay which represent my feelings about tragedies. With this art I hope to touch other people so they will think and act. I try to travel a lot and it is on those travels I can be touched by this imperfect nature, Wabi Sabi and start with making pictures. Back in my studio these pictures become a photo story and/or with clay an object or a painting. All as les complex as the clay makes it possible.? Photography became more and more important in my work as an artist to “tell” my reflections about our society. Sometimes it "takes" a painting to tell a fragment of a story. Artist Bio Radegonda is a professional artist living and working in Leuven, Belgium.?Her artist career began in 1997 in the Netherlands, making sculptures of ceramics. ?After working, living and exhibiting in the Netherlands and Germany, she moved to Belgium in 2008 to open her studio in a new country. Since 2008 also photography began to take a big place in telling her story with art. She exhibited in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Japan and the US. Radegonda invites the viewer to share her reflections of her travels. To feel the beauty of imperfection and the story “behind”. She invites the viewer to think about the “behind the scenes” of the artwork, to see and feel beyond the photos, the objects or paintings. Art is not just to look at. Art is to experience.

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Number of rounds

  • Jury ronde from 30-09-2021 00:00 till 31-10-2021 23:00

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