Roger Wanrooij

Inner Galaxy, the thruth is out there but lies within yourself

Inner Galaxy, the thruth is out there but lies within yourself

Material: 52mm alu frame, linen canvas, acrylics, 8mm epoxyresin, 24k gold shimmer pigment
Size: 100 x 160 cm

My inner galaxy became visible during 2015 and to this day I found a lot more truth about myself and other people, people close to me, and I'm thankful and grateful that I have become the person I am today. Inner Galaxy is the third artwork of my recently created art style: Abstract Floating Art® An art style builds by several layers due to a special technique to create real 3D depths in my artwork. From a distance hardly to discover, from a photo even harder, but in real and up, close a breathtaking experience. Specs: 1600mm x 1000mm Linen canvas 52mm aluminum frame Amsterdam Acrylics Approx. 8mm epoxy resin 24K Gold shimmer pigment Weight: approx. 25kg You can see more of this beautiful effect on my account
I'm a self-thought artist who actually just recently started to paint. As a kid, I was always creative, and drawing was one of my favorite moments at school. I think this creativity was the reason I went to the bakery school to become a graduated pastry chef. During a quite sad and heavy period in my life, I've come in contact with painting, and this gave me so much mental freedom. Last year, at the start of the Corona pandemic I've started painting again to break loose from becoming depressive and it worked very well for me. During an 11 weeks separation from my partner due to a lockdown, I've regained energy from painting. Watching YouTube instruction videos of other acrylic artists like Jeff Beckley, Cedric Fournier, and SurajFineArts. From there I started painting and let my creativity run free. My life, my personal experiences, my own emotions, my pain and grief, my joy and happiness are all combined in my works. I love using dark tones in the background, representing sad moments and emotions in time, but every time with bright colors on top, conquering and rise above all what's behind me. [My quote: "The experience of getting something on canvas from which the origin lies within yourself. That freedom to do what's inspiring me, with the result something that goes through others are admired."] My motivation is me, my inspiration is survival of my own life and become happy in general. Every human being has his own life, for most of them, life isn't easy, or fair, or even fun, caused by many circumstances and environmental variabilities. But whatever life you lead, you're always responsible for your own life. Meaning... no matter what happens, no matter what decision you've made, no matter in what kind of situation you're in, YOU are always the ONLY ONE who can make a change to your own life. I've saved myself from a troubled faith in the future by starting to paint and kept believing in myself. My creativity showed me also the power of combined materials, mixed media. Which in my case are acrylic paint and epoxy resin. And within this process, I've created a new kind of art style: Abstract Floating Art® Floating Art is art with real 3D depths in it, created due to a special technique combined with acrylics. Due to this technique, you get several layers that give these artworks a real WOW factor. Every time you look at them, you'll discover something new in them. Real 3D depths take you to places you've never seen before. An unending stream of unbelieve, where beauty meets emotions. All combined into an astonishing entity. With this new art style, I want to distinguish myself from "the rest". By creating something UNIQUE, and REFRESHING I want to be able to touch the emotions of people who look at my artworks. ABSTRACT FLOATING ART® is unique, new, refreshing, and innovative. ABSTRACT FLOATING ART® is real 3D depth ABSTRACT FLOATING ART® is an art style, which hopefully inspires other/new artists. ********************************************** Abstract Floating ART® – The story During my first contact with epoxy resin (Moro di Naranja – Nov 2020), I was immediately inspired and I saw the many possibilities pass by in my mind. I wanted to do more with this. Since I was also working on a quadriptych on order at the same time, I decided to reproduce that same quadriptych and start experimenting with it. I informed the client of the quadriptych series and he was immediately enthusiastic. But experimenting on a four-panel measuring 2.10m by 1.40m is very ambitious I can tell you, and we haven't even mentioned the price of the epoxy resin yet. This ambition, in combination with my personal circumstances, did have some effect on me. Frustrations, sweat, tears, pessimism, depressive thoughts, and feelings, interspersed with optimism and euphoric moments, self-confidence, and also the lack of it. A storm of emotions makes me what I ultimately create, within my consciousness the ever-present and ambitious expression: who does not venture, does not win. And that's how my quadriptych was born, called: No Guts, No Glory, a sizeable epoxy quadriptych. But even more beautiful was the result of my floating art, where I was immediately gripped by the thoughts and visual possibilities of my future works. ********************************************** All above combined, I would like to tell the world that "all the beauty out there" lies within yourself. I would like to inspire other people, who live a similar life like me, to get out of your head and onto the canvas. Because life is beautiful, you just need someone who shows and guides you if you're not able to by yourself.


  • Publiek ronde from 29-09-2021 00:00 till 30-11-2021 22:00
  • Jury ronde from 30-09-2021 00:00 till 31-10-2021 23:00

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