Bastiaen Vries

Adam, 2022

Material: Oil on linen canvas
Size: 30 x 40 cm

A portrait of a boy

I have been inspired by my great-grandfather who did oil paintings until he was in his late nineties. I remember him painting landscapes and portraits when visiting him as a child. My mother also inspired me with her drawings and paintings, finding time to do it though busy with her work at the International Archives for the Women’s Movement (IIAV) and the raising of her two children. Painting totally relaxes me like being in a meditative state. I think mainly about the creation of colours and applying them to the right area on the canvas. To make something from an empty canvas fuels my passion to create a harmony of light on the surface. Painting, like my fashion design work, involves form and colour composition; it sharpens my creativity in other expressions as well. In addition to my own motivation, my partner supports and encourages my art. He provides valuable input which allows me to achieve better outcomes.


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