Sailing boats and clouds ref 333

Material: oil on hard board, scratching techniques
Size: 103 x 94 cm

I try to paint a sense of nature in flux. We usually say "Nature" but I prefer to say "the living world" because we are we are part of this world. I create paintings that facilitate emotional intimacy with the world, a sense of connection to something beyond ourselves.
Blondiau exhibited in Galleries in London (Hicks Gallery, Cavaliero Finn Gallery, Gagliardy Gallery), and in Brussels (Arthus Gallery, Galerie Chapitre 12) . He shows in Amsterdan (Galerie Mokum) . In 2014 two paintings of Blondiau were selected for an exhibition of the Dulwich Picture Gallery (London) and shortlisted for a prize. In 2018, the London County House commissioned two large paintings currently on permanent show. In 2023 one painting of Blondiau was selected for the Royal Art Academy summer show. The paintings of Blondiau are in several private collections. Blondiau is mostly a self thought painter but also studies as non enrolled student at the Art Academy of Braine l’Alleud, Belgium (Prof Baets) and at Brussels Visual Art School La Cambre School (Belgium) (Atelier of Dudan) in parallel to other studies . Belgian I lived in several countries including 20 years in London. Now located in the Netherlands since 2020. "I am a landscape painter. I try to paint a sense of nature in flux. We say "Nature" but I prefer to say "the living world" because we are not external to nature but we are part of it. In the West, we often feel disconnected from the natural world, despite talking about it a lot. I try to create paintings that facilitate emotional intimacy and a reconnection with nature. ?I like to paint forests and seascapes. Looking at forests and oceans can provide us with a sense of connection to something beyond ourselves, a feeling of the vastness of the world and our place within it. ? I use a scratching technique that mix oil and etching approaches. I avoid using colour in my work. I feel that sometimes colour can be distracting and can impeach the viewer to focus on the movement and forms suggested by the many fine scratches on the canvas. " Solo and group Exhibitions 2023: Gallery Zone (Leiden) and Gallery Mokum (Amsterdam) 2022 : Arthus Gallery- Brussels, Belgium 2022: Katwijk Museum , Katwijk, The Netherlands 2018: London County Hall - London, United Kingdom 2014: Dulwich Picture Gallery - London, United Kingdom 2013: JP art Gallery , Batersea, United Kingdom 2012: Cavalierofinn Gallery / AAF - London, United Kingdom 2009: Gallery Bergamoff - Brussels, Belgium 2008: Hicks Gallery - Wimbledon, United Kingdom 2007: Gagliardi gallery - London, United Kingdom 2006: Quantum gallery - London AAF - london, United Kingdom 2005: Quantum gallery - London AAF - London, United Kingdom 2004: Gallery Chapter 12 - Brussels - Brussels, Belgium 2003: Gallery of the European Commission - Brussels, Belgium 2002: Gallery BLABLA - Brussels, Belgium 2001: Gallery Arthus - Brussels, Belgium (see press release) 1999: Resonans Galerij- Gent, Belgium Permanent collection County Hall Art / London, United Kingdom

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