Bert Hermans


Material: Oil on canvas
Size: 120 x 80 cm

This painting shows the central machine hall of the 'Woudagemaal' (pumping station) in Lemmer. In the basement of the pumping station a man can be seen who is in danger of drowning. The man in the water in the basement symbolizes the consequences of the climate crisis. According to the most recent scientific reports, sea levels will rise to a maximum of about one meter on average worldwide by the end of this century. As a result, in the event of a flood, the water depth will increase and the flood may also last longer. Even the powerful Woudagemaal will eventually no longer be able to prevent a high water level.
Bert Hermans was born in Voorburg in The Netherlands. His work consists mainly of oil paintings, with his major theme being industrial and cultural heritage. Hermans has followed several courses in acrylic, water media and oil painting, starting in 1985 at the Dutch Art School SKVR in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. The last decade his work mainly is concentrated on oil paintings. Hermans has had exhibitions in eight countries in Europe, in the USA, China and Japan. He won several art prices. His works have been published in many art books and his artwork has been published and sold worldwide.

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