Raimonda Grikšaite


Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 24 x 30 cm

You are a brave goddess, whose light and warmth can warm, comfort, heal and encourage us to be ourselves. You give us wings and you guide and inspire us. You can give it, because your heart is still overflowing with joy, freedom, wisdom and faith. You are indispensable. You are.
Raimonda Grikšaite (1977) was born in Klaipeda in Lithuania and nowadays lives and works in The Netherlands. During her childhood, she was already fascinated by art and images. After the “Kunstgymnasium” and her studies in Lithuanian Language and Theater Sciences, she studied “Autonomous Art” in the Netherlands at the HKU in Utrecht. In 2008 she was nominated for the Royal Dutch Prize for Free Painting. "In my work, theatrical encounters take place between figures who apparently have nothing to do with eachother, but who are nevertheless forced to perform a ritual together. Central is the place of individuals, who have little choice and of people who consciously choose for their ideals. I try to give their inner dualism and insidious loneliness a place." “The inner world of the human, which is open and at the same time full of secrets, interests me. Is the world that we see also the world that we recognized? Who are we? Why do we see what we see? How do we see ourselves and the world around us? Painting is a way of communicating with myself, with my (inner) consciousness. My characters are a reflection of the real ‘ME’. They struggle with their doubts, dreams and fears and are at the same time moving, sensual, hopeful and powerful.” Put yourself eye in eye with the vulnerabilities of your inner wealth, with wisdom, beauty, love and depth

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