Val Valta

Hands' Private Life. Counterproposal

Material: oil, panel, alla prima, limited palette, framed
Size: 35 x 25 cm

Thinking of the great and timeless influencers, I tried to combine my favourite still-life techniques with a hand portrait. One of my series Hands' Private Life. No idea what meaning one can draw from this picture if any. I am going to call it Counterproposal.
I love painting and I enjoy learning. I have been drawing and painting since my teenage years. I admire the artists of classical school, realists, especially those who are masters at painting the light, so my own style is a kind of tribute to them. I make figurative fine art, mostly still lifes, interiors or landscapes. I also love painting hands. I exhibit my work early with the Kunstmaand Ameland. Currently, there are two exhibitions with my paintings, in the Cultuurmuseum in Nes (Ameland) and in the Galerie Rob Rademaker in Utrecht.


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